Candy Dish: Britney Heads to Court

Britney’s comeback may relocate to the slammer.
Charm School girls keep it real.
Anyone can be Sarah Palin.

7 ways to improve your campus.
Like mother, like daughter: Suri Cruise is ready to run the marathon.
Tat queen Kat von D is getting rid of her vices.
Everyone needs a Pea Coat this season.
You’ll never guess who’s a fashion star in Istanbul (not Constantinople).
Getting pissed about people hatin’ on your eyebrows? That’s so Raven.
Obama wants to join the SNL party.
Celebrities and puppies are the answer to the economic crisis.
OMFG. Pumpkin soap. Delish.

Gossip Girl Recap: Let a New Game Begin.
Gossip Girl Recap: Let a New Game Begin.
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