Miss Teen Louisiana: Another Fallen Beauty Queen…

…At least this one wasn’t hopped up on drugs (though she was in possession), alcohol, or showing her ta-ta’s to the world.

Lindsey Evans, 18, a.k.a. Miss Teen Louisiana, was charged with theft and drug possession after she and her cronies pulled a good ol’ dine and dash and ditched out on a bill of almost $50.
But here’s the kicker…
The oh-so-bright beauty queen left her purse at the restaurant and upon returning to retrieve it, was greeted by police who placed her under arrest for the D & D and let her know they found her stash of the Mary Jane in her purse.
Will they ever learn? And aren’t these girls supposed to be role models? Somehow I imagine getting high and ordering $50 worth of food (that you don’t pay for) isn’t setting such a great example to the younger Louisians.
Although, Louisiana also boasts the Spears sisters as its own, so maybe Lindsey Evans isn’t all that bad.
And she looked so innocent….
(Picture courtesy of bittenandbound.com)

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Money Matters Lesson 1: Free Student Checking
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