Removable Decals Make Dorm Room Decorating Easy

[My first foray into Blik Graphics…so cute!]

Back in August I showed you how to do a little dorm decorating without screwing up your walls (you do want to get that deposit back, don’t you?) Well now that you’ve got one wall decorated, what are you going to do with the other three?
Enter Blik Graphics, the perfect dorm room/rented apartment/ my-parents-would-kill-me-if-I- wrecked-my-bedroom-walls solution. Blik makes cute, stylish decals that are easily removable and don’t damage your walls or pull off the paint. Most of their designs are meant for one-time use (i.e. once you pull them off you can’t use them again), but I recommend trying their Re-sticks, which, as the name suggests, can be used over and over again. That way, come June, when you’re ousted from your dorm room, your decals can come with you! I usually stick mine on wax paper to prevent them from getting messed up in transit.
You can find their whole selection of adorable and unique Re-sticks here, or you can check out the list of local stores.
They can be a bit pricey, but at least they’re cheaper than that $500 deposit you’ll never get back for putting nail holes in your dorm room wall!

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