Stylista: Our Newest Reality TV Obsession

Now that Project Runway is over and Leanne-imal is out designing wave-inspired ensembles, what the hell is a girl supposed to do on Wednesday night? Read a book? Study? Write that paper that is due on Thursday?
Hell no.
Your favorite reality show may be over for the season (or forever, if all of these rumors are true), but that just means it’s time to find a new one. And no, we don’t mean some Real World/Road Rules challenge; those are meant strictly for Saturday afternoons when you have absolutely nothing else to do. At all. And it’s raining. And you are so hungover you can’t even get up to find the remote.
How about Stylista, a reality series following 11 aspiring magazine editors as they compete for Elle editor Anne Slowey’s affection? The show kicks off tonight on the CW and is most definitely gonna be 100% awesome.
How on earth can a show about magazines ever compete with Heidi and Tim Gunn?” you ask.
We can give you 5 reasons:
1. It is produced by Tyra Banks, which means it is guaranteed to be awesomely bad.
2. 7 girls and 4 (most likely) fabulous gay men.
3. Like any reality show there is sure to be some serious backstabbing, conniving, and a whole lot of crying. And let’s be honest: it is always refreshing and fun to watch that sh*t when it doesn’t involve you and your friends.
4. Did we mention that crazy Tyra Banks is behind it?
5. It gives you a sneak peak into the world of fashion magazines and answers the age old question: does anyone in the magazine industry actually eat?
We will most definitely be tuning in tonight (martini in hand) and covering every. last. second of this show on Thursday mornings. So, watch with us; it’s not like you have anything better to do.

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