Stylista: Thick Skin Required.

I think every little girl one day dreams of being a fashion magazine editor. The glamour, the celebrity and the image that comes along with it is pretty damn appealing. Not to mention, writing and editing pieces on designers, beautiful clothes, shoes, bags … for some of us it would be a dream-come-true.
And then that little girl watched the season premier of Stylista last night and her dream was shattered. Caddy bitches, huge egos, image scrutinization, drama, drama and more drama — this all defines the fashion industry. A thick skin (and a pair of skinny jeans) is what you’ll need to survive.
Now as someone who isn’t really into the fashion thang, I found last night’s show ridiculous and comical.
First thought, “Who the hell names their child Cologne?”
Second thought, “Ew, Megan’s a bitch.” Keep in mind, this stance was established within the first 3 minutes and grew to, “Ew, I hate Megan AND Dyshaun.” (I think I’ll refer to these two awful people as the “Bitch Twins” from this point forward because somehow they fell in love with each other’s down right nasty personalities.)
Third thought, “Anne Slowey walks funny in her shoes. Shouldn’t fashion editors be high-heel masters? I know I am.”
Then we experience the first challenge: Make Anne Breakfast and Don’t F It Up. (Yes, Megan, you will be serving her coffee and anything else she wants.) The utter fear on each of the contestants faces AND (best part) the genuine shaking of trays could’ve been the most entertaining bit of the episode. And that’s not really saying much.
Basically, sorry to say it cause I heart the CW network, this show sucks. However, what will keep bringing me back is that fact that I’m rooting for the “big-boned” girl. (Hey, I’m trying to be politically correct.) What can I say? I felt bad for her and how she didn’t really fit in. Oh, and Kate needs to stop whining so god-damn much. She is way too nice to make it in this competition. I predict she’ll be the next fly to drop unless she “loses herself” first.
Did you guys like this show? Feel free to contest me.

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