The CC Weekly Weigh In: Some Things are Better Than Sex

While diving into a giant slice of warm apple pie (the kind with the crumble topping) and a melty scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, I thought to myself,
“Holy sh*t, this is better than sex.”
And I totally meant it. That treat was pure heaven: creamy, sweet, indulgant…and I didn’t have to have awkward conversation with it after.
There aren’t many things I think that highly of, but I would give up sex for that dessert any day. (Or every day if it was fat free.) Like me, the rest of the CollegeCandy writers love getting frisky, but this week they weighed in on the very special things in life that are truly better than sex.
Olua: A good book. Call me a nerd if you want, but I’d usually rather be reading on an uneventful night than doin’ the dirty.
S.E. – Fordham: Gooey butter cake is way better then sex. It melts in your mouth, tastes like heaven, and is sweeter then any orgasm.
Kathryn S.: The thrill of the chase, because you can imagine “the perfect moment,” you don’t have to worry about “the morning after,” and because Chuck Bass instigated it on Gossip Girl.
Erica – Kent State: I don’t know why, but I am absolutely in love with pizza. I can’t tell you how many nights I have decided to skip going home with a hot guy in favor of returning to mi casa because I knew my roommates were going to order something from Pizza Hut.

Kari – FSU:
My Sunday night routine: gooey pizza, fresh garlic rolls, a bottle of wine, True Blood, Entourage and a healthy dose of ice cream to get me through Little Britain so I can watch the Life & Times of Tim. Bring it on, Monday.
John – UConn: Fruit smoothies are perhaps the only thing better than sex, and mostly due to their convenience. A fruit smoothie can be enjoyed in class, while driving, while studying, and additionally a fruit smoothie never bruises your fragile ego, unless you make it REALLY poorly.
Noa – UC Boulder: Full House marathons (and not just because of Uncle Jesse).
Lauren – University of Michigan: Oreo milkshakes from Potbellys. Does sex come with mini Oreo’s on top? I don’t think so!

Suzanne – Tulane
: Fitting into my skinny jeans
Heather – Penn State: Really great Italian gelato in the U.S. – it’s harder to get and it’s more consistently pleasing.
Elise – UCLA: PUMPKIN BROWNIES. Or a huge fatty slice of cheesecake with LOTS of graham cracker crust.
Carly – Grinnell: Dark chocolate, bread pudding, crème brûlée… I trust I don’t need to explain why.

Elizabeth – UA Huntsville
: Cuddling up together to watch a movie or Ghost Hunters. It’s so relaxing and sweet and there aren’t any pressures at all (except to be quiet when they’re playing EVPs).

Sarabeth – University of Texas:
Cheesecake. It’s amazing. ‘Nuff said.
Kelly – UMass: Nothing. and anyone who says something else is not having good enough sex.
What about you? What do you think is better than sex?

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