A Scary Movie Throwback: Something to Scream About

Scary movies are one of those things that draw a strong response of either love or hate. I for one can’t really stomach violence (read: cannot count how many times I’ve covered my face watching BRAVEHEART either in classes or with guy friends), but there’s still an element of these horrendously predictable flicks that draws me in.
For one, if you look at them realistically, about 97% of the victims, as well as the hero, deserve to die for one reason or another, if not their own naivete. Second, if you watch these things in your living room in broad daylight, well, they are more hilarious that horror-y.
And also, I can’t help but think fondly of the scary movie that took my scary movie V-card: Scream. That movie was a total 90’s classic, and here are ten reasons why you need to take a trip down memory lane with this awesomely bad throwback, even if you’re not a fan of the horror genre:
1) The Drew Barrymore sequence that starts it all. Because let’s be serious: what was a 90’s movie without Drew and that burgundy-nearing-black lipstick? More than ten years later, she’s still got it.
2) The Courtney Cox-David Arquette love connection occurs before your eyes. Goes to show that a horror flick isn’t a bad date idea, and maybe making one is even better. It obviously worked for them!
3) Matthew Lillard. He’s hilarious (“Liver alone… Get it? Liver? Alone?!”) and I sort of have an awkward crush on him. Don’t judge – a young, blonde Rose McGowan plays his girlfriend in the movie.
4) Skeet Ulrich? What happened to that guy? Remember the ten minutes when he was plastered all over Seventeen magazine?
5) Fonzie’s cameo as a principal? Get out!
6) Even though tons of people die and the main characters are awful, God it makes you wish you grew up in California. And it doesn’t hurt to check out the late 90’s fashion, either… many a midriff was harmed in the making of this film.
7) Ingenuity of the killer (I won’t ruin the surprise for those of you who haven’t seen it) to use a thrifty, generic costume.
8 ) Before Jamie Kennedy was funny, he spent his time putting nice-guy moves on Neve Campbell. And that’s just great awkwardness to watch, predictable as it is.
9) It’s so much better than the sequels… as always proves to be the case. Doesn’t Wes Craven know the meaning of “too much of a good thing”?
10) For its time, you’ve got to admit it was terrifying. You know, when you had to sneak into theaters to see it. And you feared bathroom stalls for months (or even years).
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