All Made Up: Spooky Spectacular

In the spooky Halloween excitement, we’ve all fallen prey to the same trap: spending a ton of dinero on things you never use again (those white go-go boots seemed so versatile at the time!). To help you out, here three makeup items that are perfect costume accessories and beauty staples every girl should have in her makeup arsenal.

Nars Lip Pencil – Jungle Red ($20

If you decided to skip the lingerie and animal ears and go for something ghoulish, this blood red pencil is perfect. You can easily draw blood droplets, gashes or scars. Try lining you eyes with it for something really creepy.

When the costume craze is over, line and fill your lips with this deep shade. Put a clear gloss over it for a glamorous look on a special night out.

Benefit BADgal Eyeliner ($20

This fat eye pencil is perfect to black out some zombie eyes. It’s also a quick way to draw on mustaches or bushy eyebrows – hey you could be the Mario Brothers! Or you can easily draw on some tattoos for your Amy Winehouse costume. It also perfect for an Egyptian eye if you want to do the Cleopatra thing.

When fright night is done, simply smudge this pencil out for a quick and easy smoky eye. Or use it to create a sleek cat-eye look for something more glam.

Make Up For Ever Star Powder – Pearl Gold ($18

This super shimmer dust is perfect for the classics – princess, fairy, goddess etc. Use it wet for an intense eye shadow, or use a powder brush to dust it all over your body. You can even use it on your cleavage to add some magic to the “sexy nurse” outfit.

Use a light dusting of this powder for a fabulous every day eye shadow. You can even use it on your cheek bones as a highlighter for a soft luminous glow, day or night.

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