Tragedy for Jennifer Hudson

In case you haven’t heard (what? Have you not gotten out of bed for 2 days?) tragedy has befallen Jennifer Hudson. According to every news source ever, Jennifer’s mother and brother were killed yesterday in their Chicago home. Her 7 year old nephew is also missing.

Jennifer flew back from Tampa where, we imagine, she was busy promoting her new self-titled album and her latest film, The Secret Life of Bees.

We can’t imagine what could have provoked such a horrible act on such a kind family, and our hearts go out to the rest of the Hudsons. We interviewed Jennifer a few months back and she was incredibly gracious and kind and sweet and everything you would want in a friend.

We can’t really be her support system (because we really don’t know her, but if she needs a shoulder to lean on ours happen to be quite comfortable), but we are definitely thinkin’ about her right now.

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