BUSTED Live!: Countdown to Lockdown

Over the weekend, MTV hosted “BUSTED Live: Countdown to Lockdown,” at their studios in Manhattan, bringing in some of the most infamous “Busted” victims, the officers that busted them, and showing the audience some never-before-seen clips of the show.
Two of the Bustedees were Brittany Bartley and Joshua McLay, both 21, who were caught skinny dipping by Corporal James Davis at a nearby lake in Newton Falls, OH. Corp. Davis added insult to injury on the show after citing that Joshua had been “fishing with a small worm.” This was after co-host Skylar Stone commented on the skinny dipper’s fug teeth and before his partner in crime, Brittany, repeatdedly denied any rumor that they had been hooking-up in the lake (even though Joshy-poo had a slightly noticable hickey on his neck) saying that they are “best friends.”
Yeeaaa she pulled the friend card. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break.
MTV also crowned Mr. and Miss Busted who proudly re-capped their 15-minutes o’ shame. Mr. Busted, Richard Sirak of Oxnard, CA, is better known for being chased, tackled, tasered, arrested for a DUI, crying in the backseat of the cop car, and making a pit stop in the hospital before heading to jail.
Miss Busted was Lindsey Staymates of Salisbury, MD who was stopped by an officer for –get this — drinking and walking. The 19-year-old had just recieved a DUI two days before. This time, though on foot, Lindsey was cited for underage drinking. Even though she explained to the officer she wasn’t doing anything wrong; she was just going to “the hungry store” and “walkin’ on her feets!” When the officer didn’t budge, she said HE was the one who was busted. Haha…smart girl.
Two very deserving candidates.
Audience members were also asked to share their deep, dark, law-breaking secrets in MTV’s confessional where they admitted to crimes from stealing stop signs and sneakers to killing someone. Most were true…some not so much.
The moral of the story is, kids: you never know when you’ll get caught, especially on camera. So don’t be stupid(er) and run from the cops – it might get you tasered…and on MTV.

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