Shooting at University of Central Arkansas

It has been a pretty scary week on college campuses. First there was the shooting at Western Kentucky University, which prompted a campus lockdown to keep students safe. Last night there was yet another campus shooting, this time at the University of Central Arkansas.

According to reports:

One student died at the scene. Another, later identified as an 18-year-old male, died at Conway Regional Medical Center. A 19-year-old male was treated for a gunshot wound to his leg and released from the hospital.

The university has cancelled classes for today and are investigating the incident. So far it is still unclear what prompted the gunfire, but it is yet another sad reminder to students that college campuses are not the safe bubbles we have always considered them to be. Crime, especially heinous ones like these, are more common than we’d like to believe and we must remain aware of our surroundings wherever we are on campus.

The good news is that UCA has an emergency alert system and was able to inform students of the situation via text and email. Students were then able to get inside safely, which prevented this particular situation from getting any worse.

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