Style Idol: Michelle Obama – The First Lady of Fashion

[For this week’s Style Idol I decided to look past the celebrities of Hollywood and focus on someone else making waves in the fashion world. She doesn’t get paid to look good, but she is scrutinized every. single. day. And despite the fact that she isn’t a singer or big movie star, this woman’s wardrobe is inspiring women’s wardrobes nationwide. Including mine.]
We’re just 8 days away from what will be one of the most historic elections in history, and definitely the most historic in our lifetime. So in the spirit of the impending election my Style Idol of the week is the woman who could very well be our first lady come January: Michelle Obama.
Being touted as the Jackie O of our generation, Michelle combines classic elegance and grace with modern touches, like chunky turquoise necklaces and studded belts. She goes for simple ensembles that aren’t over-accesorized, and she appeals to women across America by wearing clothes that are affordable for the average female. Michelle has the ability to mix it up, still look flawless, and resinspire the American woman’s love for a string of pearls and a tailored suit.
No matter what happens on November 4th, Michelle Obama is a winner on my fashion ballot.


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