The Hills: Justin REALLY Means It This Time

Wow. What a crappy episode of The Hills. Did anything really happen? Did that episode really last 30 minutes, because it felt like 10. Most of the show was pretty bo-ring, so instead of recapping a bunch of crap, I will just focus on the main event:
Justin Bobby and Audrina kinda sorta break up and makeup, take 246:
Audrina goes to work in the recording studio with Brandy (?!), but leaves the studio because Justin Bobby wants to see her. Because everyone A) has the opportunity to go into a recording studio with Brandy (?!), and B) everyone in the real world can just leave work when their dirty and weird kinda-sorta boyfriend stops by (or, you know, their flesh-colored-bearded BF stops by to talk about people messing with the DVR).
So, apparently Audrina goes out there to tell JB that she’s totally dunzo. But then Justin Bobby is sitting on his Chopper and wearing a hat and says all these things to sweep her off her feet. You know, sweet nothings like:
“To be in a relationship we’ve kinda gotta be, like, together.”
“We’re a big catch 22. 90% of my time with you is pretty right on. When I think about you I don’t think of anything negative whatsoever.”
Awwwwww. He’s so sweet! He likes her, like, almost all the time! And he knows he treats her like crap, but he still really, really likes her! And this time he means it, which is why Audrina is passing on the Aussie and sticking with good ol’ JB.
I can’t imagine why her work friend doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Besides the fact that she has to do odd jobs with Audrina (really? it takes 2 people to stuff envelopes!?) and feign interest in the JB drama every. freaking. day. for the sake of the show. Why wouldn’t she want Audrina to be happy with her Knight in Knitted Caps?
And that, my friends, was the bulk of tonight’s episode. There was also some Pratt/Brody drama, but the most exciting thing to come from that was Brody’s Justin-Bobby-inspired headwear at the bar. Enough with the hats, people. ENOUGH.
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