“Flat Belly Diet” Seems Bloated With Promises

Everyone wants a set of killer abs. If you have a svelte midsection and you automatically feel healthier and sexier. But are you clocking in hours at the gym and hundreds of crunches a week with no results? There’s a new fad diet out there that’s sending everyone atwitter.
The editors of Prevention magazine have come up with a diet plan that aims to send your excess gut to the gutter…or so it seems.
The Flat Belly Diet” boasts a flat tummy in 32 days. The flagship website gives you everything you need to get started (read: sh*t you have to buy) including cookbooks (with cupcakes on the cover), exercise DVDs (for the “optional” exercise component), and online subscription program to track your progress. Best of all, what kind of diet would it be without a catchphrase (so you KNOW it works): “A MUFA at every meal!”
What’s a MUFA, you ask? Short for monounsaturated fatty acid, MUFA foods include almonds, peanut butter, olive oil and dark chocolate. The Flat Belly Diet encourages you to eat a serving of one of these foods at every meal. That’s right, glob some peanut butter on your crackers for lunch, and grab some dark chocolate cookies to nosh on with dinner. Does anyone else think this sounds a bit too good to be true?
Just from evaluating the website and the basic diet facts, I don’t feel so confident that the Flat Belly Diet could yield real results. Optional exercise? Chocolate with dinner? It sounds like a recipe for Too-Tight-Jeans-Syndrome, if you know what I mean. Not to mention that the “after” photos of alleged Flat Belly Dieters look like they simply donned a pair of Spanx (see above).
Ladies, what do you think?
[image courtesy of flatbellydiet.prevention.com]

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