Candy Dish: Welcome to America, Freddie Ljunberg!

Move over, David Beckham, there’s a new soccer hottie in town.
5 potential boyfriends that you already know!
Ali Lohan is too cool for smiles.
Britney’s dad is taking over…permanently.
Add a little flare to your wardrobe.
The new Guitar Hero World Tour commercial rocks our world.
Should you get the flu vaccine?
A living, breathing Barbie Doll.
Got some extra time on your hands? Volunteer!
Remember when she was in Mean Girls? Looks like Amanda Seyfried is movin’ up.
Is Dina Lohan gonna be on Dancing With the Stars?!

Candy Dish: T.I. Was an Early Bloomer
Candy Dish: T.I. Was an Early Bloomer
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