Clinique Makes You Look Great (No Matter What You Did Last Night)

You pry your eyes open as the blaring sound of your alarm clock echoes the throbbing in your head and wonder why your alarm is going off at such an ungodly hour on a Sunday when you suddenly realize, “Sh*t! Brunch with the ‘rents!”
You fling yourself out of bed as quickly as your hungover ass will let you, and as you glance at yourself in the mirror you realize that hangover is written all over your haggard face. You’ve got 10 minutes to pull yourself together and look fabulously fresh so that your folks don’t know the amount of liquor you consumed the night before (and don’t forget that greasy pizza at 2 a.m.). What do you do? Don’t fret – with a few products from Clinique, this feat is a lot easier than it sounds.
I’m personally a fan of Clinique because it’s non-comedogenic (which means it has ingredients that do not clog the pores or lead to breakouts), allergy tested and fragrance free. It’s the first skin care line developed by a dermatologist and has been using the same formulas since it was first released in 1968. I also love that it’s a more budget-friendly prestige line and offers up high-end products at much lower prices than many other upscale lines.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

I swear by this fantastic moisturizer that works for all skin types and was developed to “maintain optimal moisture balance for very dry skins, or skins dry in the cheeks, comfortable to oily in the T-zone” and it’s a great way to start your regime (after washing off last night’s make-up, of course). If you want to be a do-gooder while you moisturize, they’re offering a special limited-edition bottle that includes two charms, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s more expensive than the regular bottle, but $10 of the sales go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

All About Eyes

Put on this eye cream to get rid of those nasty eye puffs, darkness and fine lines (more lovely side effects of too much alcohol and not enough sleep).

Airbrush Concealer

Love, love, LOVE this concealer! It softens fine lines and is made with light-diffusing optics which brightens shadow. It’s another great way to hide those bags under your eyes and also to hide any blemishes that may have popped up in the middle of the night. The brush makes it easy to apply and it’s available in four different skin tones.

Soft-Pressed Powder Blush

Nothing like a little color on those cheeks to make you look more alive and this is a nice, soft, natural looking blush that works with all skin types and offers a wide variety of shades to compliment your skin tone.

High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara

This award-winning mascara’s wand includes a brush and a comb; you brush on the mascara, then comb it out which separates the lashes and gives each lash length and definition. Comes in black/brown or plain black.

Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

Ever wish your trusty lip balm also gave some color to your lips? Well that’s exactly what this is! It relieves that dryness you get with dehydration and includes antioxidants for added protection. It comes in a wide array of colors, so pucker up.
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