Love It or Hate It: Menswear

Every fashion magazine I flip through lately has pictures of women sporting men’s clothing: oversized sweaters, the “boyfriend jean,” and large, knit vests. The look seems to be taking over the world from runways to college hallways, and has me wondering if I should raid my guy friends’ closests in search of trendy options (Hey, it’s a recession and I like “shopping” on a budget), or just stick to my more feminine looks.
Some girls look really cute in this trend, but I fear that I would just look like the 7th grade version of myself when I used to be a little hefty and could only fit into my older brothers’ hand-me-down flannel shirts. Yeah, those were the days.
On the other hand, maybe this look is good for those of us doin’ the Walk of Shame from our boyfriend’s; instead of looking like a hot mess, we may look uber stylish!
So, what do you think? Is the menswear look hot or very, very not?
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