Stylista: Mannequins and Ambulances

Ok, so despite my initial disappointment with this show, I found last night’s episode pretty entertaining.
1. Because Kate’s mannequin was absolutely absurd and a total embarassment. Is she for real? That dress? Those scarves? That noisy combination of accessories? She has not displayed one ounce of fashion talent, not to mention her inability to act like an adult. When I look at her I think of a 12 year old.
2. Because of the foreshadowing of the full on battle that will most likely continue between Ashlie and Megan. My prediction is that Major-Issues-Megan will obviously play dirty and probably go for Ashlie’s jugular. While Ashlie will probably stay strong despite the “Satan’s little hand-foot maid” attempts to knock her down. The bitch fights between them will only get more intense, which will make me want to watch. I’m such a sucker for the drama.
3. Because of Jason and his break down?! Now we’re only on episode #2, kids. For someone to get that stressed out over an editorial page is a little ridiculous. I understand that he wanted to do a good job and not fail at the task, but to upset yourself to the point where you get hives and then a full blown anxiety attack is not healthy. Sure, some people have anxiety issues, but if that’s the case you should avoid situations that may trigger it, i.e. work in an industry that pretty much revolves around pressure and stress.
All of the seriousness of this aside, how everything went down was kind of funny. We have Jason on the floor covering his face, moaning. While Danielle, bless her heart, is trying to console him. Then he is put on a wheel chair and wheeled into an ambulance. Of all things, Kate thinks the best thing to do is send him a card?!!!!! I wonder what it’s like in Kate’s head (empty?), because clearly she isn’t in touch with reality. Then we have a Megan and Ashlie fight, during which I kept thinking, “Megan what in God’s name are you wearing. Please wash your hair.”
When elimination time came around I was kind of surprised they sent Jason home. I mean, the poor guy just went through something pretty traumatic and now they’re like, “thanks, nice try, see ya later.” I thought he was going to break out in hives again. But he seemed to handle the situation pretty well, at least on screen. He probably walked into the elevator and when the doors finally closed, he huddled in the corner, covering his face, and tears, tears, tears.
Oh Stylista, you’re so cold-hearted.

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