G.W.W.E: Seth “Ride Him” Rogan

[In this week’s installment of G.W.W.E (Guys We Want to Eff), we are climbing into bed with Seth Rogan.

What? You don’t agree?
You may not have noticed him in Anchorman, or remember him being in The 40 Year Old Virgin, but, come on, you didn’t wanna eff him in Knocked Up? Rogan is even starring in “Zack & Miri Make a Porno,” which obviously means he is 100% effable.]
I have never told anyone this before, but after I saw Knocked Up with my (now ex) boyfriend, I was totally turned on. Weird, right? I mean, the thought of having a baby totally freaked me out, and seeing that baby come out of Katherine Heigl’s va-jay totally grossed me out, but I couldn’t keep my hands to myself the entire way home.
And then I realized why: I totally wanted to eff Seth Rogan.
He’s not the type of guy you’d drool over at the bar, (in fact he’s more the type of guy that smokes pot in the corner), nor is he the type your mom would necessarily love to have over for dinner. He was the dorky guy in high school who watched as all the taller, hotter dudes (without the Jew-Fro) got all the girls.
But that is why we love him. Well, that and the fact that he is just really effing hilarious.
Rogan is a comedy genius. You saw Superbad, didn’t you? And Da Ali G show? Yeah, he wrote those. Imagine how much more fun sex can be when you got a man this funny by your side (or on top/underneath/behind you). And he’s all cuddly and cute…and looks really hot in those glasses. I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.
Seriously, give this dude another look; you too will see why he’s a guy we wanna eff.

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