All Made Up: Beauty Life Changers!

[Every Saturday I am here to bring you the best beauty products, tips and ideas. Last week I helped ya out with great Halloween makeup (that you can wear year-round!). I am sure it all came in handy last night. Today I am bringing you beauty products that will change your life! I know that seems a bit dramatic, but I’m telling you: these products are revolutionary.]

Urban Decay Primer Potion ($16

This little tube may look like is holds a genie, but it actually delivers with something truly magical. Just dab this colorless cream on your eyelids before you apply shadow. It will stay on for-ev-er. If you hate having your shadow all gunked up in the crease just a few hours after you put it on, this product is your holy grail. You can put on your makeup before you go to work, go out to dinner, then a club, – get in at 1am and your eyeshadow will still look fab. Also try it just underneath your bottom lash line to keep eyeliner in place. Once you try this product, you won’t be able to live without it.

DDF Glycolic Body Lotion ($42

Okay so it is a little bit pricey for a body lotion. But this is not a cucumber melon type moisturizer to make you smell pretty – it’s a serious solution to a very common skin problem: Chicken Skin! Almost half of all girls have it. That red bumpy weird pimply skin on the back of your arms and legs. If you have ever had it, you know it can be embarrassing and down right gross. Believe it or not, just a quick application of this stuff on trouble areas and you will see results in just THREE DAYS. Your Chicken Skin will turn to alabaster in no time. Once you’ve achieved the desired result, you can use the lotion 3-4 times a week for maintenance. Try it for a week, and your skin will forever be addicted.

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment ($21

This product is a miracle for anyone with damaged hair. If you color your hair, use heated styling products or tons of hair spray, your locks are probably longing for a little rejuvenation! It looks like a solid, but rub this stuff in your palms and it instantly liquefies. The smell is amazing – like hazelnut coffee! Leave it in for 20 minutes or over night if your hair is really in trouble. You might need to wash your hair twice to get all of the treatment out, but the results are undeniable. Your hair will never be healthier or look shinier! Once a week is all you need to have fabulous hair. After trying Ojon, its all over. You’ll never go back to the same old lather, rinse, repeat routine again.

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