‘Sex and the City’ Will Get You Pregnant!

That’s right, ladies, if you are addicts of shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, you are going to get pregnant.
Kind of.
A study published in November’s issue of Pediatrics showed that teens who watch shows that portray only the good, fun side of sex, and not the risks and responsibilities that come with it, are twice as likely to get knocked up as teens who watch less sexually driven T.V. (Um, is there any?)
As a dedicated fan of both SATC and GG, after reading this article I started to wonder if my sex-drive was not self-induced, but really the doing of Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass’s steamy encounters.
Answer: um, no?
Granted, I’m not a teen, but when I was, I don’t think the hornballs on Dawson’s Creek aided my decision to become sexually active. Sure, they may have got me a little turned on curious, but I never called up a dude to come do the dirty with me after watching Dawson and Joey get it on.
Media shapes a lot of what society thinks about any given topic, and it definitely plays a role in romanticizing sex, but there are many different factors when it comes to teen pregnancy that it seems almost ridiculous to place the blame on TV shows that are made solely for entertainment purposes. (Editor’s Note: Don’t take away my Gossip Girl, PEOPLE!) Even if kids were mimicing what they saw on TV, it is the lack of sexual education in many schools and at home that could be the real issue here.
Yes, TV has gotten a bit sexier than it was back in the day, but is that reason enough to place blame on TV and TV alone? Should the media be blamed and held responsible for adolescent pregnancies, or is that just totally wiggity whack?
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