Style Idol: No Doubt Gwen Stefani’s Got Great Style

[Celebrities get paid to look good and serve as a style guide to all us common folk, and part of looking good is flaunting their totally awesome fashion sense. Each week, I will be highlighting my Style Idol of the week: a celebrity who consistently shows keen fashion sense and whose closet I would raid in a heartbeat.
Of course, no celebs are immune to the occasional “what the hell were they thinking?” moment, but for the most part, these celebs look foxy and fabulous and inspire us all to do the same.]
Gwen Stefani has long been associated with fashion; whether rocking her unique personal style, or showing her latest L.A.M.B line, Gwen knows what it means to be stylish. She’s never been afraid to take risks, and they almost always pay off. Her love of wild and bright prints, lots of color and, of course, her signature platinum hair and red lips, set Gwen apart from the rest of Hollywood’s fashionistas.
Gwen Stefani has never fit into the mold of “what’s hot now”; she created it. Despite the fact that she goes for bold choices, she carries them with an air that makes it all look effortless, owning the look instead of letting it own her.
It doesn’t matter if she’s pregnant or not, running errands or getting married; Gwen Stefani certainly knows how to make an impression.


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