Night Styler: Razzle Dazzle ‘Em!

[In early adulthood there is an activity that plays a large role in most of our lives; nights out on the town. And with those nights out always comes the question: “What am I gonna wear?!?”
Each week I’ll be putting together a cute and affordable “going out” ensemble guide (that you can tweak to your own personal style and body type, of course) so that maybe that age-old question can be answered a little quicker than usual. And your friends aren’t waiting – for hours – for you to emerge from your room. Just call me your own personal Rachel Zoe.]
Another weekend, another opportunity to figure out what to wear. This weekend, it’s all about shine and dazzle with sparkle, jewel tones, and a sleek look that can also be easily transformable from day to night. If you are interning or working somewhere that requires business wear, throw a blazer over this ensemble and you’re good to go.
Jewel tones are everywhere this season, so go for a lovely satin jewel-toned top. I love this halter top from The Limited. The ruffles add a little interest, and the cut is sexy and sophisticated. Bonus: If you put in the promotion code 561 at checkout before November 30th, you’ll get 20% off. Cha Ching!

This style top looks great tucked into a pair of wide legged trousers (though you can opt to leave it untucked as well). If jeans are more your style, trouser jeans are the way to go; they have the same look as a nice work pant, but, well, they are jeans.

When it comes to shoes, it’s all about shine, so find a pair of metallic pumps. I just got these shoes from Payless and got tons of compliments on them. Better yet, they are only $14.99, and pretty comfortable to boot.

You don’t want to go overboard on the jewelry, since you’ve got ruffles on your top and there’s a lot of shine to your outfit, so just put on a cute pair of earrings (like these from Forever 21) and a pretty cocktail ring.

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Tuesday’s College Blogger Shout Out
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