First And Worst Ladies: A Yearbook

Michelle Obama is already on her way as being one of the most influential First Ladies. She played a large role in Barack’s campaign and she looked damn good doin it. She will be joining a long line of beautiful, intelligent, and memorable First Ladies who have made just as much of an impact on U.S. history as their husbands.
But let’s be real…there a few first ladies who no one remembers cuz they did nothing but stand there and look pretty.
So here is our walk down memory lane, if you will. A yearbook of some of the best first ladies…and some of the worst!

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First Lady Stand-Outs

Lady Bird Johnson “Mrs. Social Butterlfly” -Lady Bird had it rough trying to fill Jackie O’s shoes, but she did a terrific job and everyone loved her. There was no one this First Lady wouldn’t schmooze; she was friendly with members of Congress and their wives, members of the president’s Cabinet and their wives, and foreign dignitaries. She partied in that White House like no other.

Rosalyn Carter- “Most Likely to Control Her Man”-Ever wonder how to keep your man wrapped around your little finger? Rosalyn Carter is an inspiration to ladies around the world. It is not a secret that Jimmy Carter consulted and sought the advice of his wife on nearly every important decision he made – she wore the pants in the relationship. Well done Rosalyn, well done.

Eleanor Roosevelt-“Most Likely to Make a Difference”– Always thought the First Lady didn’t do anything except “keep the president happy?” Well, Eleanor Roosevelt was a mover and a shaker. She fought for the poor, the rights of African Americans, migrant workers, and helped dissatisfied students. If it weren’t for her, we may be more unhappy than we currently are.

Jacqueline Kennedy“Best Dressed”– There is no doubt that Jackie O is the most popular and well known First Lady of all time. We have to admit, fashion and great looks can take you extremely far in life. I know I’m still rocking those classic big frames. Mrs. Obama has even been compared to this fashionista being called Michelle O.

Hillary Clinton- “Most Likely to Rule to the World” – Okay, Hillary accomplished great things in the White House, like expanding peoples’ ideas about universal health care and family issues. But who can forget Bill and Monica’s big black dress incident? Apparently Hillary has selective memory or a lotta love. Regardless, she made history herself as one of the democratic front-runners for the presidency. She fought the good fight, and even though she didn’t make it all the way, she definitely made her mark.


Failing First Ladies
Ellen Wilson-Most Likely to Not Make a Difference to Mankind, in any way…at all”- Ellen Wilson makes Laura Bush look like an over-achiever. “I am naturally the most unambitious of women,” is one of her more famous quotes that display her absolutely grotesque lethargy as a woman and as a person. Hopefully the Wilson’s had a great sex life, because if not for that – she would have been an ACTUAL physical waste of space in the White House.
Grace Coolidge- “Most Likely to Fight for the Spotlight (and win)”– There is nothing wrong with making yourself noticed, but when you actively compete with your husband for the national spotlight – that’s a little over the top. It is even worse when your name is Grace Coolidge, and your husband is the President. She became more worried about parties than she was politics, and her marriage suffered severely for it. She did not even know that he had decided not to seek re-election in 1928 until he announced it to the press.
Pat Nixon- “Most Fun at a White House Party”- Pat Nixon’s quoted goal in life was, “I just want to go down in history as the wife of the President.” Way to aim high! Despite being the first First Lady to earn a graduate degree, she went on to be a “good will ambassador” across the world, while rumors of her uncontrolled alcoholism became a distraction to the White House and the DC political scene.
Nancy Regan- “Most Likely to Drive People to Drug Use”- Nancy Regan is reknownd for her “Just Say No to Drugs” campaign. Ironically, drug use increased by 15% during her campaign. The innundation of her obnoxiously over-simplified yet condescending message led many to experiment in drugs that they normally would have passed on. Though it can’t be proven, we are fairly sure that crystal meth was invented by someone who heard ‘Just Say No’ one too many times.
Laura Bush-“Most Likely to Marry Well”- Laura Bush said, “The role of the First Lady is whatever the First Lady wants it to be,” and she wanted the First Lady to sit on her ass and do nothing. The Children’s Reading initiative that W used as the catalyst for the “No Child Left Behind” Act, has left more children behind than Michael Jackson’s last concert tour. Reading: good. Over-indulged Bush: bad.

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