‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is Sexually Confused

So for those of you who have been faithfully watching this season of Grey’s Anatomy, I’m sure you are equally as stunned, fascinated, and intrigued by Calli’s decision to play for both teams. Her relationship with heart surgeon, Dr. Erica Hahn, has been heating up our T.V. sets the last few weeks and has definitely created some OMG moments. But it looks like ABC isn’t feeling this girl-on-girl action, or the character in general.In a sudden turn of events, Erica Hahn, played by Brooke Smith, has been written off the show. Writer Shonda Rhimes had no part in the decision making, but rather was taking orders from the network, citing they had issues with the level of inappropriateness of Calli’s thoughts about Erica (ventures south of the border, playing with the girls, etc.), as well as issues with Dr. Hahn’s overall character.
After last week’s revelation of her homosexuality, Dr. Hahn will be making her last appearence at Seattle Grace in this weeks episode.
Enter new intern, Sadie…aka Meredith’s best friend… aka Meredith’s bisexual best friend.
On November 13, Melissa George will be joining the Grey’s cast playing a new intern who also goes both ways.
What the eff?!
So many questions!!
Why kick Hahn off in the first place?
Did this Sadie character do some experimenting with BFF Meredith?!
Will Sadie be a new interset for Dr. Torres?!?!
Guess we will just have to tune in to find out…but either way, this Thursday is Hahn’s last day in Seattle Grace and will she be missed?
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