Facebook Has Destroyed Two More Lives

Facebook is an addiction for some, well, most people I know (including myself). I am on there at least three times a day and I am an avid FB stalker. Yes, I admit it, a stalker. I stalk my friends, my boyfriend, people I haven’t seen in 10 years, I sometimes even stalk strangers.

Everyone has FB stalked at one point in their life, so why haven’t you learned? If you look at peoples’ pages you never met, do you actually think strangers are not looking at yours? It is all about the privacy ladies and gentlemen. Enable those privacy settings!
All of this Facebook talk stems from stories that have hit the news in the past two days. Maybe you have heard of the victims– Caitlin Davis, a cheerleader for the New England Patriots, and Buck Burnette, a center from the Texas Longhorns. Both Caitlin and Buck are under 22 years old and their lives have potentially been ruined because of our glorious Facebook. I couldn’t even imagine.
Caitlin was kicked off the cheerleading squad because of pictures posted on FB of her covering her passed-out-drunk friend in things like “Penis,” “I’m a Jew,” and a few swastikas. Buck was kicked off the Longhorn football team for updating his FB status with a racist remark shortly after Barack Obama won the presidency. Now, I have to wonder if these two FB idiots were punished for acting inappropriately and embarrassing their respective teams, or for making racist comments. Either way, I’m proud of the punishers for stepping up and making an example of these two youngsters.
The moral of the story: Don’t put anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t want someone to see. We have heard it SO many times, but here is yet another example to guard your FB page with your life…or you could be on the streets with Caitlin and Buck.

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