Tales of a Senior: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Sure, I’m glad that the semester is more than half over. Sure, I’m happy that the holidays are fast approaching. Sure, I’m glad that it’s my favorite season. But with all the awesome things that this time of the year brings along, there’s something that I just can’t stand, something that always comes around, and I sure as hell don’t mean the premiere of Redemption Song or the Law and Order marathon.
I mean being sick.
Not just “being sick,” though. Not just having a little cough or a small sniffle. No, I mean being sick as a dog. Having bronchitis. Having a box of tissues in one hand and pockets full of throat lozenges. When you’re on a small campus, one person’s cold is everyone else’s cold. Being stressed doesn’t help matters, either, so of course there are tons of other people in the boat with me – and not just seniors. And call me sadistic, but watching everyone suffer makes me feel a little less awful.
But my loss is your gain, folks. From my week-late thesis chapter, paper due on Friday that I still haven’t written, and a few other delayed things, I’ve learned some pretty awesome techniques to combatting exhaustion, delirium, sickness, and even lack of alcohol.
5. Caffeine naps. These beautiful things are possibly one of the best things ever. When you’re not feeling too hot for whatever reason, have yourself a Rockstar or a Red Bull or whatever (if you can’t swallow the way I couldn’t, have one of those coffee Rockstars, but heat it up. It helps a lot), then take a quick 20 minute nap. It helps refresh your system, and gives the caffeine a chance to get into your blood stream. And hey, when you’re working on that term paper all night long, one or two of these can save your ass.
4. Do’s and do not’s. DO take Nyquil with Chamomile Tea when you can’t sleep. Do NOT take Dayquil with a Rockstar when you cannot. DO spend time relaxing now and then. Do NOT relax so much that you are procrastinating. DO have all-nighters if you positively have no choice. Do NOT have all-nighters consoling yourself with all manner of drugs so that you pass out in class the next day. DO come up with ideas for that late-night paper that you know will work. Do NOT come up with ideas for that late-night paper based off of Adult Swim.
3. Eat right. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be eating these things all the time, but there are certain foods that work super hard – probably harder than you are – at keeping you both healthy and energized throughout the day and night. Fresh citrus fruit, strawberries, blueberries, as well more as filling foods like salmon, tomatoes, and bell peppers all will keep you running as smoothly as an exhausted senior (or maybe just student). And incorporating these guys into your diet long-term while eating small and frequent meals could even help you lose weight. Who knew senior year could be healthy?
2. Sleep. Seriously, those caffeine naps are awesome, but nothing keeps you well rested and healthy enough but a good night’s rest. Guess who was feeling better shortly after she finished pulling all-nighters? Sur-freakin-prise.
1. Sleep…some more. Honestly, you guys, I’m not actually 100% yet. But once you’re done with that killer week (or two or three or…alright, so Thanksgiving break, I guess?), just chill. It’s honestly the best thing you can do for yourself. That’s why it’s on the list twice.
(That’s also why, as you’re reading this, I’m probably curled up beneath my blankets, recovering from my life.)

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