Candy Dish: Marilyn’s Out of the Picture, But Oprah Could Have a Man

Madagascar 2 is expected to rock your socks off, starting this weekend.

Looking for your next love? Look no further, Marilyn Manson is now single! Lucky you!

Is anyone else sick of politics? There is more exciting press to come today.

Pygmy hippos are making a comeback. Well, trying anyway.

Here are some ideas on how to pinch pennies during these oh-so-hard times.

Does Oprah have a new man? What happened to Gayle?

It is SO fashionable to be eco-friendly. Rock it, girl!

Another alleged mobster is now behind bars, but at least now he looks great!

Even President Bush’s dog is pissing people off.

Yet another reported school shooting. So sad. When will the madness stop?

Candy Dish: Uniforms Are In, Along With ‘NSYNC
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