The CC Weekly Weigh In: What Would You Do For an A?

School is hard – you have to read and write and go to the library during parties to cram for exams. And sometimes all that isn’t even enough to get you that highly coveted “A.”
WTF? What ever happened to an A for effort? Or extra credit? Or taking a bit of pity on the kids you know bust their asses but still just miss the “A”?
I can’t tell you how many times I worked my booty off only to get screwed by a curve or my uncanny ability to freak out before exams…and then bomb them. I would seriously do anything for an “A” somtimes. Anything.
This week I asked the CollegeCandy writers to weigh in and tell me what they’d do for an “A.” Surprisingly, sexual favors weren’t that high on the list. Either we are getting less desperate (because we don’t need to be), or professors are getting really old and unattractive…
Erica – Kent State: Can’t say I’d go as far as sexual favors, but I wouldn’t be too proud to do a little flirting. Hey, why else do they let/force young, attractive TA’s teach classes?

Kathryn S.
: Go to office hours for extra help. Ugh. This sounds lame, but you don’t even know how much I hate office hours.

Kari – FSU:
I would recite the starting line up of the Miami Dolphins, in song form, for my sports fanatic prof in front of a 300 person lecture. And I have (he later confessed that he couldn’t give me any actual extra credit).
Olua: Depends just how badly I need it. Let’s just say, though, that academic integrity and I don’t have the strongest of histories.
John – UConn: I’d do anything for an A, and I by that I mean I’d play any Rock Band song for an A, even that one by Jimmy Eat World.
S.E. – Fordham: Depends on how I’m doing in class. If I’m close to failing, I’m sure I could work
out some “extra credit” with the prof.
Heather – Penn State: Spend hours researching the best (and easiest) classes and professors to take…I leave nothing up to chance.
Lauren – University of Michigan: I once gave up my weekends and evenings for a month to study with a private tutor. I got the A, but I’m still not sure it was worth it.
Elise – UCLA: Have a wild night with lots of diet coke and Sugar Free Red Bull

Carly – Grinnell
: Umm… work hard? Call me boring, but I don’t want an A unless I’ve really earned it.
Suzanne – Tulane: Bribery: gifts, baked goods, babysitting the prof’s kids. If it works in politics, why not school?
Elizabeth – UA Huntsville: Well, I wouldn’t sleep with any of my professors–none of them are all that attractive and a lot of them are married. But if I could somehow get an A by throwing somebody else and their ridiculous opinion under the bus then yeah, I’d do that.
Noa – CU Boulder: I’d actually buy the books for the class.
Sarabeth – University of Texas: Can’t say I know my limits as to what I wouldn’t do, but I have built a rollercoaster for extra credit for a physics class before.
Alex – Cornell: CHEAT
Kelly – UMass: I’d just work hard

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