All Made Up: Beauty Breakthroughs

[Makeup is a wonderful thing. I mean, we all know what we look like when we wake up vs. when we hit the streets. (Let’s not think about it…) That is why every Saturday I am bringing you the best of makeup: tips, tricks and the best products out there. No more guessing at the store; now you can shop armed with the information you need!]
When you think of technological innovation, makeup is not usually the first thing to come to mind. But those clever beauty developers are always coming up with new ways to incorporate new technologies into making us all look fabulous. Here are some of the most amazing technological advances in beauty right now.
Lancome Oscillation Mascara – ($34
Lancome has always been the leader in mascara innovation, but they really did something truly unique with Oscillation. The brush actually vibrates! 7000 vibrations a minute. So what does that mean for your lashes? I know it might sound like a gimmick but it actually does a killer job of separating each and every lash. So not only does it eliminate clumping, but each lashes get coated with a superfab mascara, giving you extra length, curl and volume.
Borba Skin Balancing Water – Clarifying Pomegranate ($28
Scott Vincent Borba creator of the super affordable (everything’s a dollar!) E.L.F makeup line decided to change the beauty game again by creating Borba Waters. These are calorie-free vitamin packed waters that are specifically formulated to make your skin flawless. This tasty drink is the only thing out there that effectively prevents hormonal acne. You know those deep horrible unpoppable zits you get during your special lady time? If you drink one of these waters every day the week before and during your period it actually keeps cystic acne at bay! It works by giving your skin all of the tools it needs to protect and heal itself. Tarte Cosmetics even makes a Borba infused lip glosses!
Two-Faced Mood Swing Lip Gloss ($18.50
It’s always tricky to pick just the perfect shade of lip gloss to fit every situation. Well, Two-Faced made it easy for us. This lips gloss actually chooses a shade for you! It starts out clear, but changes to the perfect shade for you based on body heat, your personal pH and your mood. Two-Faced was clever enough to take a silly fad from the seventies turn it into something totally useful and fabulous. The best part is your shade will be totally unique to you so no one could ever steal your look.

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