Community College: Blessing in Disguise?

When you think of community college what comes to mind? Cheap, slackers, immature kids with bad grades. These are the first things that popped into my head when I had to make the decision to go there for the semester before I transfer schools. I thought it was going to be pure hell, but instead it’s actually kind of my idea what college should be like, minus a few things. Here’s what to expect if you’re going to community college next semester or summer.
The Good:
Free parking! – I was pumped about this, since parking at my last college (NC State) was about 200 bucks. This is also a bad thing because everyone can afford to park, so I have to leave my house 40 minutes before class (and I live 15 minutes away) to beat traffic and find a spot next to my building
The Fests – Back to School Fest, Fall Fest, Latin Fest, Halloween Fest….there’s always some type of “fest” going on….and they all involve a DJ, a moon bounce and loads of free food!
Online classes with NO extra fees – Most colleges label online classes as Distance Education and slap a few extra fees on the courses so that you’ll actually come to campus and not sit in your dorm/apartment/parent’s house watching your lecture via laptop wearing your your favorite tee and a pair of sweats (heaven!). Well, because so many people go to good ol’ community college (mine has 4 campuses total and is 40,000 strong), they actually prefer if you take a class or two online. But be warned: most online classes don’t have deadlines and it can be tempting to slack off. I’ve been taking Ethics since August and haven’t taken any tests just because I don’t feel like it!
Cute guys – I saw more cute guys on the first day of class than I did my whole first year at State. And not only are some of these guys hot, most of then can actually carry on an intelligent conversation… and still look hot doing it.
The Price – Year of tuition at State = $16,800. Semester at CC (14 credits) = $1,480, and that’s without financial aid.
Awesome Teachers/Lax Classes – Community College has some of the most laid back professors I’ve ever seen. In my Sociology class, my professor talks about how circumcision affects a guy’s sex life (he even quoted Sex and the City!), and my Public Speaking class is filled with debates about government corruption and interracial dating. I’ve actually started to enjoy going to class.
The Bad/Ugly
The People – Between the immature post-high schoolers who try to look cool by skipping class and sitting in the hallway/lounge, to the overabundance of soccer moms who always try to assert themselves as top dog in class, going to school here can be a bit of a drag.
No Sporting Events/Homecoming – I jealously watched State’s homecoming game on TV this year, and even more jealously saw my friend’s pictures from the NERD/Common homecoming concert. Did I mention CC has intramural sports?
Even with the few minor downsides, community college really is a win/win. If you’re thinking about transferring schools or coming home for the summer, I would definitely recommend looking into community college. You could end up in an cool Bio Lab with a hot lab partner like myself (without taking out a billion dollars in student loans!).

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