Cheap, Hot Trends for Fall/ Winter Fashion

We all look to magazines for our fashion sense and know-how, but what if we can’t afford all those styles in Elle and on the runway? College Candy understands your pain (because we also like to split our budget between cocktails and clothes) and we want to help you get the fabulous looks at a fraction of the price.
This winter jeweled clutches are all the rage. After Sex and the City, Fendi has become way more popular, but who can REALLY afford a small clutch for more than a grand? Here is cheaper version…on the left is the Fendi, on the right is a La Regale from Macy’s for a mere $39.00.
Knee length dresses that clinch your waist are hot for the upcoming chilly season . The Zac Posen dress on the left can be found at Nordstrom for a measly $1,900, while the Converse dress, on the right can be found, at Target for $34.99. You choose.


Anything with an angle is awesome, according to Elle, whether it is jewelry or shoes. Here are two shoes that are 90 degrees of hotness. The pink pair on the left are Christian Dior wedges priced at $925. But you can get a totally angular pair from Forever 21 for just $27.80. Careful how you walk in those things!


To complete your look you must have a the perfect accessory. Chunky jewelry, bangles, and pieces that make a statement are what’s in this season. The left necklace is from Neiman Marcus and would set you back $175. Or, you could choose the equally adorable peace necklace from Urban Outfitters for $18. I’m going for the cheaper one, for sure!



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