Disney: Movie Studio or Skank Factory?

Have you ever noticed this pattern that Disney has created of breeding teenage pop queens only to have them turn around and become like whoa sexy?
Let’s start with those Mousekateers we all love so much. I mean, how cute were Britney and Christina? Then out of no where they become pop sensations, vamp up their wholesome styles, and become sex icons for many a-teenage girls..and boys. I’ll tell you what though…they did a damn good job with Justin. (yum!)
Years pass, and a new group of young actors take over the Disney scene.
Enter Vanessa Hudgens. So cute, so talented, soooo naughty. She made it big with High School Musical and then to all of our surprise, pictures of Hudgens posing NEKKID start popping up. Might these pictures have been for her oh-so-hot boytoy Zac Efron? hm.

Then of course there’s Miley. The adorable, raspy voiced teeny bopper became the idol of millions of little girls all over the world with her hit show Hannah Montana. From there, her singing career took off (I definitely had a couple rock out sessions to “See You Again”). In 2008, little Miss Miley caused some controversy with her sexy photo shoot for the cover of Vanity Fair. Was she too trying to break the girl-next-door image that was bestowed on her by Disney?

The most recent Disney girl-gone-wild is Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon. Pictures of her posing in a bra…and nothing else surfaced on the internet. The pictures were supposedly stolen off her computer and meant for her boyfriend, Robert Kardashian (yep, Kim’s bro).

Maybe Disney has forced these girls to be wholesome and innocent and they rebel with over-the-top sexiness? Or is it that Disney has nothing to do with it and these girls are just being girls?
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