Happy Birthday Mr. Hot Marine

Today is the Marine Corps’ 233rd birthday and we here at College Candy want to join the celebration. The United States Marine Corps have some of the sexiest men in uniform we’ve ever seen. So in honor of the hottie hot hots who have or are currently serving our country, we want to thank you and let you know why we love you so much! Here are the top five reason you are so amazing…

1. Guys in Uniform:There is something about a man in uniform. The way it hugs that firm and trim butt so well. That hat adds a little something, too.


2. A tattooed marine = a bad ass tough guy (hopefully with a sweet and sensitive inside).


3. These men are disciplined. Self control is a major turn-on. Plus, it makes them kind of mysterious. Also huge turn on.


4. Semper Fi is the Marine’s official moto. It means “Always Faithful” in Latin. We’re hoping they’re Semper Fi to their ladies, too.


5. They have big guns. As in, big muscles and big, well, guns. Which means, they can kick your ex’s while holding your hand. Ugh, so hot.

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