Style Idol: Blake Lively’s Lovely

Celebrities get paid to look good and serve as a style guide to all us common folk, and part of looking good is flaunting their totally awesome fashion sense. Each week, I will be highlighting my Style Idol of the week: a celebrity who consistently shows keen fashion sense and whose closet I would raid in a heartbeat.

Of course, no celebs are immune to the occasional “what the hell were they thinking?” moment, but for the most part, these celebs look foxy and fabulous and inspire us all to do the same.]

Blake Lively put herself on the radar with her debut in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but it was her starring role in Gossip Girl that ushered her into stardom and really put her on the map. It’s hard not to notice her gorgeous blonde locks, those perfect legs that go for miles and her stunning smile, but on top of those physical features, Blake’s got a timeless and perfect style. (Editor’s Note: I want it, I want it, I want it.)

Blake Lively has the ability to do something many of us hope we can pull off: look phenomenal not only when all dolled up, but also when doing her daily business in jeans and sweaters. She’s a huge fan of Chanel and oftentimes seems to embody the old glamour that Coco Chanel created.

Part of Lively’s flawless style is her ability to accentuate her assets perfectly. She shows off her gorgeous gams with skinny jeans that accentuate all the right details, and she is a master at coming up with the perfect outfit – from clothes, to shoes, to bags and accessories. Add her hottie bf/co-star, Penn Badgley, onto her arm and this girl is the hottest of hot young Hollywood, through and through.

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