The Body Blog: Snacks That’ll Keep You Movin’ in Between Workouts

[While I have covered physical exercise in previous editions of the Body Blog, this week I’m going going to take a step away from the various routine tips and dive into some good eating/snacking habits that will increase your energy without adding the pounds, while giving you the right nutrients to complete your workouts.]
Everyone knows staying energized is important. But staying energized the right way is often unclear. Drinking cups of coffee or energy drinks to give you a necessary boost to keep going is not the right (or nutritious) way to satisfy your cravings and give your body the energy it needs.
Here are some healthier alternatives for on-the-go gals like us, especially those trying to get into shape:
Almonds. Grab a handful and throw them into a Ziploc bag for the day. Full of nutrients and antioxidants, you’ll be satisfied, revitalized and energized for those long classes and long workouts.
Carbs. Now, I know what you’re thinking: carbs are bad, bad, bad for you. Well, in one respect that is correct. But, if you are a runner like moi, you need carbs to keep you going; they are a runner’s fuel. So, if you are gonna eat crabs, eat the right ones: whole grain crackers, whole grain/wheat pretzels, or half a cheese and wheat bread sandwich (so you can get your dairy and carb in-take in a small dose).
Fruit. Blueberries are one of the most essential nutrients for your body. Again, full of antioxidants and natural sugars, they can give you a good energy – no crash – high for your elliptical workouts. Plus, they’re easy to carry and good for popping a handful in your mouth on the go. Don’t like blueberries? Try dried apricots, an apple, or some raisins.
Peanut Butter. A little fat never hurt, especially natural fat like peanut butter. Let me stress one thing, ladies: a little fat never hurt, not a lot. So, grab some celery and pop a small scoop of PB in a Tupperware to dip in, and you’ll get the fat you need to keep you going through the day and not the bad fats from candy and chips that will only add to your thighs, not inspire them to work out harder.
Trail Mix. A combo of nuts and dried fruit. A good breakfast alternative for those non-breakfast lovers too.
Raw Veggies. Even if you’re not a huge veggie lover, there has to be one type out there you can, at least, stand to eat. Baby carrots, cut up peppers, or sliced zucchini…raw food is the most natural way for you to eat, especially in a snack form.
Yogurt. With a combination of natural fruits, yeast, and dairy, you can get a healthy – and satisfying – snack for the morning, afternoon, or even as a fruity desert.
So, regardless of what you choose from the list above, try and integrate one of the above snacks into your daily food routine. I guarantee you’ll see a difference in your outlook and your workout ability.

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