Amy Waves Bye-Bye to the Beehive: A Retrospective


Amy Winehouse gets more press for her cracked-out shenanigans than her songs, and today is no different. The Grammy-winning songbird and drug addict was photographed this morning at the doorway of her London home in a mesh tank top, eating cheese on toast, and sporting a brand-new, mop-top hairdo.  While her hair certainly looks healthier than it did during the days of her iconic, ratty beehive, that’s about all of Amy that’s looking better these days. As she ix-nays the up-do, let’s take a look at the past fashions of Ms. Winehouse:

1. Normal

Natural hair! Flattering makeup! Healthy body weight! Amy looks effortlessly pretty here.

2. Beehive Beautiful


Amy appearing at the Style Awards just a year ago, looking professionally coiffed and chipper. Work it!

3. Looking Like “That Girl”

Skeletal-skinny with her shirt on inside-out, Amy appears to be letting things go. Maybe she should go to rehab…yeah, yeah, yeah.

4. Absolutely Cracked Out

Smeared makeup, dirty face, withered nose, and hair looking more like a bird’s nest than a beehive.  And the coup-de-grace, that braindead expression, solidifies this photo as Amy’s definitive low point.

5. The New ‘Do

The jury is still out on the hair. Personally, I think it makes her look like my grandmother, though it is a step up from that forest-like animal trap she had before. But Amy, dear Amy- please get it together! Wasn’t winning a Grammy so much more fun than sharing cheesy toast with paparazzi?

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