Biggest Loser: Evil Fat People Unite!

If you missed The Biggest Loser tonight, then you missed one group of fat evil people belittling everyone else. Imagine the OC with a morbidly obese cast.

Heba Salama (a female Jaba the hut), Brady Vilcan and Vicky Vilcan (die bitch!) are three of the meanest, most evil fatties I have ever seen in my life. I would be pissy too if that was my name was Vicky Vilcan – sound like a bad WWE wrestling name. Season after season, week after week, I have watched this show and there has always been a commeradery among participants. Of course it is a game and there will always be some animosity, but I never imagined it would turn into this. Literally, other people on the show were driven to tears by the Terrible Three. But then it came to me, they are not bitter and angry because they are fat – they are fat because they are bitter and angry.

To make matters worse, Ed Salama coming back into the game makes them now the Fat Foursome. As if the shows ratings weren’t suffering enough from the evil alliance, they have just lost one more.

The Biggest Loser – you have lost me. I am done. Please accept my resignation. Some producer thought it would be a great idea to posture the mean fatties against the desparate-to-lose-weight fatties, and it has back fired. Not sure whether NBC thought the Jerry Springer demographic was one that they needed to tap into, but I am a part of about 30 girls at UPENN who are revolting. The show is no longer a motivation, but another trashy, bitter, reality TV show.

Brady was eliminated, which was nice – but too little too late. So sad.

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