Happenin’ Holiday Gift Ideas To Get You Started This Season

It may only be early November, but the holidays are approaching fast.  Just like your major term paper due this semester, holiday shopping is something best approached far in advance. And though I can’t help you research West African history, I can give you a few suggestions on what to get your loved ones this December.


The Quicktionary II Pen
Know anyone studying abroad next semester? This gadget can scan a line of text and automatically translate it from English to Spanish (or Spanish to English). Best of all, it comes with a speech option so you can hear how the words are pronounced.
Price: $139.99 and up
From: Amazon.com


Mini Building Block Speakers For iPod
These miniature speakers are cute, quirky, and totally original. Compatible with most iPods (except the iPod Touch), they come in a variety of colors and are easily transportable. Perfect for bringing the party with you in your purse!
Price: $19.95 (free shipping!)
From:  LandofNod.com


New Brewers Complete Homebrew Kit
The perfect gift for your beer pong partner, or anyone who enjoys a good beer (who doesn’t?).  This home brewing kit contains all the ingredients and instructions to make your own drinks. It also contains four dozen amber beer bottles and bottlecaps to make your six-packs look legit!
Price: $119.95
From: MonsterBrew.com


Pocket-Sized Guitar Hero To Go
What party or gathering these days is compete without Guitar Hero? Well, now that wildly addictive video game has entered our cultural lexicon, it’s about time things got personal. Really personal. For the Guitar Hero addict in your life, why not snag this awesome hand-held version for their holiday gift?
Price: $14.99
From: ToysRUs.com


Individualized Pop Art Portraits
Have your favorite picture retouched in the style of Roy Lichtenstein (pictured) or Andy Warhol! Send in your photograph of choice and you will receive a professionally modified work of art fit for a museum. Great idea for a quirky family portrait to give to Mom and Dad.
Price: Varies
From: AllPopArt.com

Wrapable Garland Light Fixture
If you know anyone who recently got an apartment, or perhaps just loves interior design, this funky light fixture is guaranteed to brighten their day (and their room!).  It’s glamorous without being gaudy, shimmery without being glittery, and a beautiful way to tie the room together.
Price: $79.95
From: Wrapables.com

Fishbowl Bookends
It’s a shame you can’t bring your dog or cat to college.  Nothing beats having a little animal companionship when you’re up all night cramming for exams. This kick-ass gift supports both your studies and your spirits: it’s a fishbowl that doubles as bookends! Terrific for the dorm or the home, it’s a perfect excuse to spring for a goldfish or two. This is one accessory that will be sure to have all the neighbors talking.
Price: $29.00
From: ChimpFeet.com

Personalized New York Times Puzzle
This gift is really good for just about anyone. Choose a date in history (the recipient’s birthday, anniversary, etc.) and you can have a 400-piece puzzle made from the front page of that day’s New York Times. It comes with a reference copy of the newspaper’s front page, as well as space on the box’s cover for a personalized message.
Price: $45.95
From: PersonalizationMall.com


Target Digital Camera Gift Card
You know you’re living in the 21st Century when even gift cards have gone high-tech. If you still can’t find the perfect gift for that special someone, it’s cool to go the gift-card route now that Target has transformed the gift card into a usable gadget. The card-camera comes with its own USB cord and driver disk and a coupon for 40 free prints at Target. It’s available for purchase in gift card amounts ranging from $50-$1000.
Price: $50-$1000 (your choice)
From: Target stores nationwide

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