Is College Right For You? Maybe Not. (And That’s Ok!)

I, like you, went to high school. When I was in high school, I already knew that I wanted to be a musician and a writer when I grew up. Even though neither of those professions require a degree, I was made to believe that I had to go to college to be successful in life. And so I packed my nervous bags and made way to New York by way of Ohio. I apprehensively took my place among thousands of other students at my school and I felt out of place immediately.

You see, I was always a ‘good’ student. I graduated high school with nearly a 4.0. I aced tests and papers without wincing and was in every club. Kids like me were supposed to go to college. Period. But I never wanted to.

I went because my parents wanted me to.

I dragged myself through four and a half years of college. I transferred schools. I worked 2 jobs (yes, 60+ hours a week) on top of being a full time student. I was miserable. I was utterly, thoroughly, entirely, unexplainably miserable until I decided not to go back to college. I was only a semester or so shy of my degree and I woke up and decided I was done. I made a decision for myself and not for my parents. Finally, I took control of my life and my happiness and I have never looked back since.

College wasn’t for me and it wasn’t for what I wanted to do. I am sure it is the right place for some people (or most people), but that didn’t mean it was right for me. I have not only enjoyed life more than ever since I made my decision, but my career finally fell into place upon making it, too.

I don’t work ‘side’ jobs now; my music and writing are my main jobs now. I took a chance, yes, but here’s my point:

If your passion doesn’t require a degree, don’t convince yourself you need one. Of course there is something to be said for things learned in college, and I hate it when people tell me that I wasted money and time in college -that’s ridiculous. I have four and a half years of college education and experience; I learned, I grew, I thrived, I starved, and, eventually, I moved on. But even with all of that, college just isn’t right for some people.

If college IS for you, that’s great! But before you assume that you are college bound (particularly because someone else told you to be college bound), sit down and ask yourself: Is college for you or not?

(Hint: There is no wrong answer.)

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