Night Styler: One Legging Up

[In early adulthood there is an activity that plays a large role in most of our lives; nights out on the town. And with those nights out always comes the question: “What am I gonna wear?!?”

Each week I’ll be putting together a cute and affordable “going out” ensemble guide (that you can tweak to your own personal style and body type, of course) so that maybe that age-old question can be answered a little quicker than usual. And your friends aren’t waiting – for hours – for you to emerge from your room. Just call me your own personal Rachel Zoe.]

This week’s styler puts emphasis on mixing up textures and styles to change the entire look of a piece/give you something fantastic. Liquid leggings became popular earlier this year; they’re leggings that look like leather that you, literally, poured onto your body. To be honest, when I first saw them I thought, “Lord, what is going on in fashion?!?” but once I tried them on, I realized they look pretty dang hot.

I’m a curvy girl who’s got some junk in her trunk and am always worried about stuff making me look bottom heavy, but these slim me down, are fun to wear, and are uber-comfortable to boot. The shirt you wear with them is muy importante, however, because these can go from fab to “Grease Lightning” in an instant. By mixing them up with a flowy chiffon shirt, you put together two really different styles, but the effect is pure magic…

You can find liquid leggings all over the place now. I got mine from American Apparel, but tons of lines carry them. Some of them can be a bit pricey, but look around; I spotted a few pairs at Filene’s Basement a couple weeks ago for just $17. Just make sure you get the right size for you: too tight and you look like a shiny sausage, too loose and you end up with a saggy butt.

Just like the pants, the trick with the top is getting the right size: you don’t want it to be too loose, but in the same breath, anything too tight or too short could leave you lookin’ trampy. (If you’ve got curves, you want to flaunt them, but you don’t want to wear a skin-tight ensemble from head-to-toe.) A good way to balance it out the look is to wear a cami underneath a chiffon blouse – you still get the effect of accentuating your body, but the flowing chiffon takes away from the Super Hero/Catwoman effect. I love this blouse from Old Navy, and the color is fab for fall.

For this look, booties are the way to go. I am a fan of the slouchy, peep toe booty look with it; you can go with black, but a nice worn gold hue would add a little more oomph to the outfit.

For your accessories, throw on a bunch of bangles and some big hoops and you’re set.

One last tip: when picking out a coat to wear over this outfit, make sure you pick a mid-length, looser fitting coat. It’ll look much better (and more balanced with the tight pants) than a more slim-fitting blazer or a shorter swing jacket.

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