Is Your Man Gay? Take The Quiz!

Unlike most women, I don’t watch Sex and the City. I don’t have HBO, and I just never got around to watching it. And unlike most men, my boyfriend looooves SATC. Seriously.
By all other accounts, he’s your average college male: he’s got as his homepage, he wears the same three t-shirts on a rotating basis, and drools over Jessica Biel. But when the movie came out this past spring, he begged me to come with him to watch it in theaters. I remember waiting on line outside the box office with hundreds of other women and a few other couples, when one of the men came up to my guy and nodded his head in my direction. “She dragged you, too, huh?” My boyfriend smiled proudly and said, “Nope! She’s never seen the show- I love Sex and the City!” The poor stranger gave me a sorry look that clearly said, honey, your man is hitting for the other team. I hadn’t really thought about it before then, but since the SATC incident, I’ve always kind of wondered…could my man be gay?
If you’re reading this and you’re thinking to yourself, “my guy has had some questionable moments,” take heart. This new online quiz for women asseses your man’s perceived sexuality through twelve multiple-choice questions. I took it myself and I can vouch that all superficial qualities are addressed in the quiz (would he rather listen to Cher or Linkin Park? Would he rather go to a Broadway show or a hockey game?).
And while no conclusive evidence of your man’s sexuality can be proven through an online quiz, it may give you some peace of mind: Carrie Bradshaw-lover and all, my man checks out as “straight as an arrow.” Phew!

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