Kickin’ my Habit: Smoker’s Diary Week 3


Here’s a recap of my progress this past week:

Monday: One smoke after a big lunch at the office
Tuesday: No smokes – go me!!!
Wednesday: Smoked only two during the day; not too shabby
Thursday: Smoked four when I went out for drinks after work.
Friday: One in the afternoon after a big lunch
Saturday: Lots and lots. After I had lots and lots of sake.
Apparently, my demise on quitting smoking is alcohol. I can’t refrain from chain smoking when I’ve had one too many vodka clubs. Therefore, I need to a) only allow myself one a night when I am out drinking or b) not drink anymore. What a fun little world of trying to quit smoking; first, no smokes and now, no booze?!I am not a big drinker, at all actually, but, from time to time, I enjoy a nice cocktail after a long week of work.
How do I learn to balance my non-ability to withhold smoking while drinking and my need for a normal nightlife?
This time I am asking you CC-ers…share some advice and help me.
I will say, however, that I have become increasingly disgusted with the way I smell after I smoke a cigarette, when I used to not be phased by it. That’s got to mean something, no? It is a long battle, one that I will keep trying to overcome, and report to you in the process. Thanks for your support and advice!

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