CollegeCandy’s RE-MIX! Pre-Game Playlist

[Let’s be real, in college, the pre-game is almost as important as the actual party. Besides a killer outfit, a case of booze & a few good pals, the most essential part of any pre-game party is the playlist. So, we made it easy for you: every Thursday here at CC we’ll be building you the ultimate pre-party playlist and bringing it to you through our favorite thing ever, MixWit. All you have to do is just click, play & enjoy.

So hook up your laptop speakers, bust out your 40’s & get ready to pre-game harder than those other kids party.]

My friends have this joke that I have ADD – but only when it comes to music. I can’t stand to listen to one song for more than a minute. I’m constantly changing stations, pressing fast forward on my CD player, and I absolutely adore GirlTalk. And because I insert and eject CDs at a rapid pace, most of them are scratched. This, of course, causes my friends to yell “RE-MIX!” from the back seat at least once a car ride. So this week I’m bringing you some of my favorite re-mixes, because as much as I know we all have a soft spot for Soulja Boy and Katy Perry and all the other crap they play on the radio, sometimes it’s nice to change it up a bit.

Satisfy your inner ADD child here.

[If you have suggestions for future playlist themes or have a track you really think should be included in a future installment, let us know in the comments!]

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