DIY Plastic Surgery…Definite NO!

Plastic surgery is all the rage these days making imperfections a thing of the past.
But what happens when things go too far?
We’ve seen many a-celebrity eff up their once beautiful images at the hands of plastic surgery. For example, as CC has previously discussed, Lisa Rinna has gone just a little too far. And let’s not forget, MJ. Michael Jackson was sooo cute as the youngest member of Jackson 5. Then his skin started changing color and his nose started getting smaller and pointier.
But when us lowly civilians catch wind of the plastic surgery bug, some people take way too far.
Enter, Hang Mioku. Who you ask? Allow me to explain.
Hang is a 48-year-old Korean woman who had her first plastic surgery procedure at the age of 28. She’s been addicted ever since. So much so, in fact, that doctors have refused to perform surgery on her anymore. Her parents tried to get her to seek out help, but that didn’t work. Then Hang found a doctor who would help her (dumb a$$.) Not only did this doctor agree to inject her face with silicone, he supplied her with her own syringes and a batch of silicone (even bigger dumb a$$.) When Hang’s sili supply ran out…what else could she do but inject her face with cooking oil?
This brilliant move left Hang so disfigured she is practically unrecognizable.
What’s worse, people have actually donated money to help her pay for MORE plastic surgery to restore her face.
I have my opinion, but do you think CCers?
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