Fashion Goes Country and Looked Great

Fashion reared its fabulous head last night where you would least expect it. The CMA Awards in Nashville, TN had some of the hottest women and men in the entertainment biz, not to mention some of the best dressed.

Remember years ago, as a hip and trendy youngster, you wouldn’t have been caught dead listening to country music? It made your ears bleed, not to mention it was hick-like. Well, country music has changed its tune and is no longer a place for ugly plaid button up shirts, clunky belt buckles, or square dancing. Country music now produces extremely popular and beautiful people who are sweeping the music scene, the big screen, and the fashion business.

This is a mini recap of some of the popular folks who walked down the red carpet (yes, there was a red carpet) at the CMA awards last night. All the people chosen were chosen because of their terrific fashion sense and for their ability to capitalize on the changing face of country music.

Taylor Swift has been in the news this week, a lot. Unfortunately, it was because of her recent breakup with one of the Jonas Brothers, bummer. Taylor’s music album, Fearless, has been a huge hit and she has turned into quite the business woman. She has partnered with L.e.i. Brand (you know, the jeans) to be the new face of their product. She rocked an amazing Kaufman Franco gown last night. She looked great.

Carrie Underwood fell into our lives on the fourth season of American Idol and everyone immediately loved her. Since then, she has had quite the career winning Grammys and many CMT and CMA awards. She has been twice named “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” by PETA and is an avid supporter of the Humane Society of the United States. We are glad to see she is putting her popularity and fame to good use! She rocked this yellow Escada dress last night at the CMA awards! Considering she was the host she had to look extra amazing.

We can’t say Billy Ray Cyrus has ended world hunger or gives his life tirelessly to charity, but we can say he sure knows how to market his “image.” He fell off the face of the planet after his huge hit Achy Breaky Heart but has now returned offering his family on a silver platter for all television viewers to enjoy. He has turned his daughter into a huge Disney sensation and has since himself risen into the limelight again. Way to go Billy Ray! Both Billy Ray and his daughter Miley looked fashionable on the red carpet.

Country music has turned super cool, even among the Hollywood elite. Reese Witherspoon, a native of Tennessee, left the Hollywood spotlight for the night and was one of the presenters at the CMA awards last night. Perhaps she is so comfortable around these country stars because of her popular country-themed movies, Sweet Home Alabama and Walk the Line. As College Candy said before, off the shoulder dresses are so in and Reese rocked the look in her Marchesa black lace dress.

Another Hollywood starlet made an appearance in Tennessee last night in support of her husband. The big screen actress, Nicole Kidman, probably would have never showed her face at such an event if she weren’t married to the famous country singer Keith Urban. At least she got him to wear something other than a cowboy hat and spurs.

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