Love Em or Hate Em: High Waisted Jeans

Remember when jeans came in Low, Super Low, Extra Low, and Dangerously Low? Yeah. Those could all be summed up into one rise: Show-Your-Crack Low.
Yeah, those were the days. You would sit in class and have no choice but to stare at the ass-crack of the girl in front of you. If you were lucky, she was wearing bikini style underwear. Otherwise, it was nothing but crack.
Well, people got sick of it – especially designers. In order to combat the crack, style makers decided to take jeans higher. Much higher. Enter the high waisted jean; it is very retro, very chic and very in right now.
While I love the lack of gratuitous crack in my life, I am not sure how I feel about the high waisted pant. Yes, Fergie looks great in a pair of high-waisted skinnies, but can all women really pull of this look?
What are your thoughts?
High Waisted Pants: Love em or Hate em?
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Fashion Goes Country and Looked Great
Fashion Goes Country and Looked Great
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