Stylista: Kate, Please GO HOME

Why in God’s name would anyone keep Kate around instead of Cologne? (I’m still getting over this) All she does is complain and act like a baby about everything. Wah Wah Wah. I felt a glimmer of hope last night that maybe she’d leave voluntarily — cue the scene where she cried to her mommy on the phone.
But no.
Just like a little puppy who’s been slapped by it’s master, she forgets about the abuse and goes back for more. Honestly, since all of these reality shows aren’t really reality shows, they’re probably keeping the whiner on air because she creates so much drama. Everyone absolutely hates her — probably including everyone watching.
Aside for my personal feelings on baby Kate, last night’s episode was notable for a few reasons.
1. Anne saying, “I could run with the bulls in these shoes.”
Honey, there is no way in hell you can even walk like a pro in those let alone run in them. Stop trying to be Anna Wintour.
2. Megan complaining (surprise) about her team for the editorial challenge, “I want to pull out my hair, lay on the floor and die.”
I guess I might want to do that if I was her. But just because I can’t stand Kate and well, Ashlie isn’t really rubbing me the right way these days either. I mean, ever since her heavy weeping for Cologne’s departure, I’ve been a bit disgusted.
3. The headless mannequins being dragged around Manhattan in a box. Hilarious
4. Danielle flipping out on Kate. That. Was. AMAZING.
Quiet, chill Danielle has been calm and collected all along, so it was pretty satisfying to see her lose it a bit. Naturally someone can only tolerate Kate for so long.
5. The judges really putting Megan in her place last night. THANK YOU.
In the end, I wasn’t upset to see Devin or William go. They really didn’t bring much to the table. However, now were left with a bunch of crazies, minus Danielle. I would say Johanna’s a normal one, but from the looks of next week’s episode, she’s a bit of a lune too.

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