James Bond, We Love You

Action movies aren’t notoriously known as “movies for women,” they typically have a special place in a man’s heart. Hence the whole movie genre known as Chick Flicks, which are made just for the ladies. But, there is something about James Bond movies that cross the gender line. I love Bond movies, I have seen them all, and my anticipation for each new movie’s opening is ridiculous.
Today, after all my waiting and agony, the newest installment of James Bond hits the theatres and I’m ready to sit on the edge of my seat and bite my nails. It isn’t just the action and adventure that I love in these movies (usually I’m not one for stupid, over-the-top action movies) but it is everything that accompanies a Bond movie: the oh-so-hot 007 himself, the music, Bond’s gadgets, his cool cars, the Bond girls and their fashion, the mystery, and all the adventure. They are amazing.
To celebrate the opening of Quantum of Solace, College Candy wanted to recap on the hot men who made us lust after Bond, James Bond.

The first Bond (and quite possibly the sexiest) was Sean Connery. Is it his voice? His gorgeous eyes? His classic look? His ability to pack heat? Sean was the first, and for me, the only Bond. None have lived up to him.
The second Bond and the least popular was George Lazenby. He played 007 for one movie and never returned. Thank God. He just doesn’t cut it, definitely when he is suppose to represent the sexiness of Bond, James Bond. He also wore a pirate shirt, maybe it only bothers me, but it is hard to forget.
Roger Moore held the title of James Bond for 12 years, and was pretty great at it. Roger just may be the second best 007, next to of course Sean. Roger gets the credit of turning Bond into more of a playboy and womanizer.

Timothy Dalton took the way Roger played James Bond and made it slightly more darker and gritty. Tim isn’t my pick for Bond and he wasn’t popular among many of the movie critics of the time either. Perhaps, in real life he is more of a “James Bond” because he performed most of his stunts himself.
Pierce Brosnan could possibly be the second best looking James Bond. He is tall, dark, and handsome. He was so good as 007 he became the star of the James Bond video game. Well done Pierce, well done. I was sorry to see you go.
Our newest James Bond is Daniel Craig, whose movie opens today. And already they are talking about him playing 007 in another Bond movie in 2010. Craig’s first movie as Bond, Casino Royale, had the highest gross amount of any previous Bond film. He has even been made into a wax statue at Madame Tussauds, a true honor. However, the CC jury is still out on whether is will beat Sean Connery as the best or not.

Who Is The Hottest Bond, James Bond?


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