Make A Toast To Puppy Love With Vicktory Dog Wine

With all the hype and hysteria surrounding President-elect Obama’s most serious White House appointment, the nation has gone batsh*t crazy for all things puppy related. Which lucky pup will have the distinction of being the First Dog has yet to be seen, but on a semi-related note, another canine story is getting a revival.
Last year, Atlanta Falcons superstar Michael Vick made headlines when he pleaded guilty to a series of charges relating to his backyard dog fights. Many were outraged that the NFL quarterback had set a poor example for his young fans by intentionally hurting animals in his dogfighting ring. But the story has a bittersweet ending, Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison, and a Utah shelter took in the abused pups. Now, if you want to support the poor dogs, you can do so by purchasing a bottle of Vicktory Dogs wine!  Each bottle costs $40, showcases one of Vick’s former dogs, and proceeds go to the Utah animal shelter, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
Sounds like there’s a tasteful resolution to this dog tale.

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This Week: The Fall Semester Itch
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